September 8, 2010

Keep the screaming kids out?

Posted by Becka
So I was perusing Twitter and one of my fellow Tweeters posted THIS article.  It seems that a restaurant in Carolina Beach has put up a sign stating that screaming children will not be tolerated.

I am sure this will piss people off, but hey, I could care less, because the ones it pisses off already seem to have out of control children, then seek sympathy for it. My kids are NOT angels by any standard, but they know what I expect of them at certain times and places, and they know there will be consequences if those expectations are not met! 

I whole heartedly agree!!! My kids KNOW that if they do anything but whisper and sit there coloring, then we will leave, and they will go to bed the second we get home...don't care if they have eaten or not!

I once wrote a blog post (which I think was on the blog that was lost, since I can't find it) about a mom who got a comment that her child was ill behaved while they were in a restaurant. The child was singing and talking as loud as he could...I would have to agree with the person that said the child was acting horrible. I do not go to a place such as Chili's, TGI's, etc... to hear children screaming. I can not tell you HOW many times I have been told that someone was surprised at how well my kids behaved, because they saw 4 kids and thought their night was over! (though they could have worded that better!).

And you can bet I was on my best behavior when my parents took me out to eat or anywhere for that matter! No excuses! But then, back then, parents were applauded for disciplining their if you look at your kid wrong in public, you get the cops called on you! (Would LOVE to see them try that on me lol)

My husband actually got MAD at me because I refused to sit at Borders a few weeks back (a place where, I think, people should be able to go and have some semblance of silence) and let my 1 year old cry his lungs out while everyone listened. I promptly got up, and carried him to the car.

Another thing that bothers me, is parents letting their kids bring electronic devices out to eat. What happened to family time? They usually get enough video games at home, why do they HAVE to bring them out? (Ok well sometimes it is so the parents don't have to deal with them, but that is par for the course).

Yes, I understand that some children have issues that they can not control...and MOST of the time the parents of these kids try to contain the situation. Sadly, there are many, though, that use a child's behavior as a way to get sympathy and claim disabilities. My daughter was diagnosed with Autism, and later Aspergers, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will NOT use that as an excuse for any bad behavior.

I think MORE places that are not 100% kid centered should do this! You CAN teach your child what is expected of them in the world from day one, I have seen it done many times! Heck, there were 11 children, age 11 years down to 7 months, at the after wedding brunch this past Sunday, and not one of them had to be reprimanded, taken out of the tent, or put in time out. And this was AFTER they were hyped up on candy! So, yes, it CAN be done!

(don't mind my 3 year old, he got a little overshadowed...but his legs are there!)

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