September 1, 2010

Child Life Certification Program

Posted by Becka
I was just contacted about possibly getting this certification. It looks interesting and something I would love to add to my credentials!!! I have been thinking of what else to add to my "list" and this one was not even on it! But when I looked at the site, it looked great!

There are a few things I would love to do...L.E.A.N. coach, Dunstan Baby Language certification, and a few others.

This looks like something that I could do in a short amount of time, and possibly get myself out there a little more!

Eligibility Requirements - Overview

In order to establish eligibility for the exam, candidates must meet three main requirements prior to the exam application deadline. The three eligibility requirements are:
  1. Minimum of Baccalaureate Degree
    Applicants must have either completed a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Course Work
    Applicants must have completed a total of 10 college-level courses in child life or a related department/subject.
  1. Clinical Child Life Experience
    Applicants must complete a minimum of 480 hours of child life clinical experience under the direct supervision of a Certified Child Life Specialist who meets specific qualifications. 

The Child life courses I may have to review and see if I have to take something extra courses, but I believe that one should never stop taking a few courses would be great! And, of course, the 480 hours...but there are SO many awesome people here I can learn under, that would not be a problem!

So, I think maybe in the next few months I will save up for it (the price is pretty steep, about $300 for the basic level)

So far I think I have a good list going:

Former Preschool Teacher

BA Early Childhood Development and Education
Certified Happiest Baby Educator
Licensed Baby and Toddler Sign Language Instructor
Professional Member: National Effective Parenting Initiative
Comprehensive Member: National Association for the Education of Young Children
Affiliate Member: New York State Association for the Education of Young Children
19 years experience working with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and families!

Now to add to that list, you know, before I am 40!

Child Life Specialist
Family Life Specialist
Dunstan Baby Language Instructor
Masters in Early childhood Ed/Development
Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline Instructor
National Effective Parenting Initiative Instructor (not just member)

There were more, but that is the short list! I like to be well rounded:)

Stay at home, business owning mom of 4 young kids, Nick the Sportsman, Michele the Princess, Wyatt the Wild One, and Evan the Baby.Bachelor in Early Childhood Development and Education, with 20 years experience. I could not ask for anything more!

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