August 21, 2019

Guest Post: Meeting Mayor Pete: Meg Morgan

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What a crazy, cool weekend. We had the intention of driving straight down to Pete Buttigieg's Town Hall at The University of Charleston*, but we looked at the weather, saw heavy rain was in the forecast, and realized we hadn't packed umbrellas. We mapped the closest shopping, and hit a store right off the freeway. When I opened the trunk to grab Tahini's leash and harness, I saw our suitcase wasn't in the car. In our excitement to get on the road, we'd both forgotten our clothes! So, we grabbed a couple umbrellas and some basics to get us through the weekend, and got back on the road. 

I checked the SC Pete event calendar, and saw that his 3pm round table event had been moved to Moncks Corner, which was easy enough to hit on our way if we took the rural route, and the GPS put us there around 2:15. We got there a bit after 2, and waited for about two hours. Max was so good, and we were able to keep him sitting (we had no idea when the entourage was going to get there because of the previous event and the torrential thunderstorms) until Pete walked through the door with:
* Three lollipops.
* Roadtrip talk.
* Several games of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
* Pen and paper.
* The promise of ice cream.

Of course, then everyone started talking about healthcare and Max was done. 😅 Poor Duncan got to hear the first five minutes and then took Max for a walkabout in the kids' library. 
As for the round table itself, Pete did not disappoint. From the moment he walked in the room you could tell he was there to listen and let people know their personal concerns mattered to him and would hone and shape his campaign moving forward. There was no pretentiousness, no grandstanding, no talking points, and he looked people in the eye when they spoke and when he answered them. 

There were several hard-hitting questions and experiences. One attendee, the bearded gentleman to Pete's left, explained how he pays $1000/mo for his insulin. Several others in the room voiced concern about this, and asked how Pete planned to lower the cost of these essential prescription drugs. He didn't skip a beat, and explained (among other things) that he wants the Medicare system to have the power to negotiate drug prices way down so that insulin, and other life-saving prescription drugs, are available and affordable to everyone who needs them. 

When I had the chance to ask him a question about the gap between Medicaid and the ACA for states that don't take the Medicaid expansion, he immediately started nodding and I could tell it was already something he was concerned about and had given a great deal of thought. While he wishes, as many of us do, that all states would take the Medicaid expansion in the short term, his M4A who want it plan would fill that gap. 

After he was finished -- even though he was late for his next event and I'm sure bone-tired -- he took time to talk with us personally, and to talk with every person in the room who stayed (which was everyone). He listened intently, took photos, and graciously signed books. Then, with honey badger stealth and tenacity, he sprinted to his motorcade and was off to his next event faster than you can say South Bend.
After meeting him, I can safely say that Pete is all he seems to be and then some; an outlier in the best sense because he's giving his dedication and hard work back to us, to this country. He's a true public servant. 

If you want to know more about where Pete stands on the issues, check out his policy page HERE
*Video of that event, and the #TeamPete itinerary of that entire day, is HERE.

Thank you, Meg, for allowing me to post about this weekend! It was great meeting you!! 


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