December 9, 2014

The amazing new 9th Bridge School

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Recently I was invited to take a tour with some local bloggers, around an amazing new 9th Bridge School, part of the Downtown Project to revitalize Downtown Las Vegas.

The building, located near Fremont District, used to be an old church. Upon walking in, one would assume it was like any other school. Classrooms, meeting areas, playground. But going in further, you see that it is a place where children not only learn, but experience life as well. There are no rows of desks, no teacher at the chalkboard and no closed ended lesson plans.

We had our first tour of the school by a small boy with a big mind and bubbling personality. He told us everything they were learning and how anything they did was a fun learning experience. There were sensory areas, block areas and he even told us about how building a tunnel of blocks, took a knowledge of math and science, without even realizing it.

Their mission: To transform education by redefining the experience of school, can be seen in every room, every teacher and in the bright, attentive, eager to learn eyes of every student there.

The school is becoming successful in creating a learning environment that not only focuses on cognitive learning and language skills, but also how to interact with your community, with your peers and those you may interact with outside school. This also includes plans for a large garden, to promote and learn about sustainability.

The community also helps contribute to the school, with things like playground donations and public speakers for the kids, such as parents that have cool jobs or people in the community such as artists.

This was, personally, something I would love to have my children in. Student guided learning has ben proven time and again to be quite effective, especially when they venture out on their own into the real world.

**Waived application fee for enrollment when they mention 9thBridge2014. Offer expires 1/5/2015**

December 7, 2014

It's that time of the year! 2014 A Year In Review.

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My 2014 

Well, this year was pretty great. For the most part. 

I turned 38 in February. A feat in itself (for those that know me, they know my mother died suddenly at age 37, so this made me a little apprehensive to grow any older than 36!)

In March my Syster, Lisa came up. We played tourist on the strip and went to see Tracy Lawrence at the Smith Center, along with a meet and greet. We also got matching BFF tattoos.

April brought Coachella and music, food and art awesomeness. Of course, I missed bumping into a couple Skarsgårds by a few hours. Just my luck!! I will see you in 2016 Coachella! Can't wait!!

June I went to Arizona and visited my Syster. It was my first time in Arizona and I loved it! We had a blast! My friends in Canada, who I have known for about 12 years but just met for the first time, came to Las Vegas. I played tour guide including Gold & Silver Pawn, where 3 of my kids met the amazing Chum and Downtown Fremont Street.

July was the highlight of my year, I think! I was invited by Hemlock Grove to attend the Season 2 Premier at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, California. I brought one of my friends and met a few more from the page I run, Bill Skarsgård News. It was the most amazing day ever. Bill was a sweetheart, as were the rest of the cast.

At the end of July was San Diego Comic Con. I went with my Syster and another friend, and even though we did not have passes for the convention center, we enjoyed all the outside festivities, including the Vikings Experience.

September brought the Cosmopolitan rooftop and 30 Seconds To Mars. Such an amazing concert!

October brought the second year of Life Is Beautiful and another year of volunteering for this amazing music and art festival. They certainly topped last year! Can't wait for LIB 2015!

November was my second year trying National Novel Writing Month. Last year I only got to 7,000 words, but this year I won topping out at 50,007! My story is still not done but I am taking a break.

Here is to another amazing 2015! Hopefully there will be even better things to come in the new year!


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