December 18, 2020

When You Stop Learning, That Is When You Start Dying

Posted by Becka


    This was a quote my friend, Rebecca, in Canada said to me, on a Facebook post I made about looking for a PhD program in Communications. That hit me. I have been like this since I was little. I was the one that always had books in her hands. But not just novels. I would buy old textbooks from garage sales, or take out books from the library on subjects that were probably considered way above my head. (I did an extra credit report on espionage in 6th grade). 

    I have even beeb made fun of, for my veracious appetite for learning. Even questioned, when I decided to start my Master of Science of Digital Audience Strategy at Arizona State University. I even kept it under wraps, which schools I applied to, because I didn't want to deal with negative feedback. 

    Which brings me to this. Through ASU, I have been able to take multiple certifications and non-certification courses, through HubSpot Academy and Google Analytics. And the best part? The certifications required for my classes, are not the only ones I am allowed to take. I plan on getting in as many as I can, before May 2021 graduation! 

    After 24 years, 5 colleges, and multiple people telling me that I couldn't do it, especially as I got older (there is a whole group for students my age at ASU, which is amazing!) I am finally going to graduate with a higher education degree. This may not be important to some, but to me, it is. I am a lifelong learner and I finally do not feel ashamed about it! 

    And starting now, I am researching schools, some in the UK, for my PhD. Thanks to a friend of mine and fellow Ian Somerhalder Foundation volunteer, who is also getting her higher education degree from a school in London, from the comfort of her home in California, for telling me about these options!



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