September 7, 2020

Meet Paul Castle, Seattle Blind Artist

Posted by Becka


Paul Castle is an artist living in Seattle.

    At age 16, he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare genetic eye disease. He currently works with 15% of his eyesight and will eventually go blind.

    Paul has an array of amazing artwork, from cute drawings to whimsical paintings, which have been bought by people all over the world. This book is a dream project for Paul and this Kickstarter will help him achieve that.

    The Pengrooms will be a 32-page children’s picture book about two penguins, Pringle and Finn, who own a specialty cake shop. Through the course of the story, Pringle and Finn deliver colorful cakes to different LGBTQ weddings across the animal kingdom. With each delivery comes an unexpected surprise that reveals how Pringle and Finn work as a team, and ultimately make an unforgettable duo.     The final pages of the book will include an unexpected twist that will delight readers of all ages. This story was born out of a desire to see more LGBTQ representation in children’s literature. It’s time to see an array of gay characters making a positive impact on the hearts and minds of future generations.

    Paul is extremely talented! You can see his work HERE.
    Paul’s dream has always been to create a children’s book, with LGBTQ characters, that doesn’t just entertain children, but also prompts them to ask questions and learn life lessons.     

    That is what his current Kickstarter campaign is all about! Paul created the Pengrooms, when he was creating his and his wonderful husband, Matthew’s wedding invitations last year. They, and many of his adorable characters, will be featured in this 32 page, 250 word children’s book. 

    Recently, the Kickstarter reached a very important stretch goal: The ability to get Paul's books into bookstores, libraries and into the hands of children's publishers, all over the world! But we still need help! If you can, please share this blog post, or just the Kickstarter link (linked above), to everyone and anyone you can think of. That includes local or national news stations, LGBTQ organizations, or even just Twitter, Instagram or Facebook groups you are a part of. 

    Let's help this amazing artist, make his dreams come true! 


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