March 29, 2020

Some Rambling Thoughts About What Social Media Management Really Is

Posted by Becka

In the last 7 years, I have curated content, run ads and just posted for people/organizations/bands, etc... so they could continue to attract their market audiences and draw revenue. This has been my passion for the last 7 years and continues to be. This is the future. More people will be looking to social media, usually by the suggestion of their peers, for what to buy, who to listen to, what to watch, and so on.

In implementing a more professional persona for my goals in media marketing and communications, I am trying to develop a more outlined plan: (these are just thoughts, forgive me if they ramble in areas) AKA What I have learned in 7 years of social media marketing and content curation 
defining high market values--> what markets do I want to cater to, do I want to dabble in whatever come into my inbox, or do I want to be specific?
I feel that being versatile is key, but not to spread myself too thin. In the last 7 years, my clients have been travel agencies, entertainment and professional development.
Content curation for each of these varies and is dependent on what the client/organization/person needs at that specific time.
What areas have helped each market I have taken on grow and what has been detrimental to them.
The content that gets the most attention, is colorful, fun and relevant.
Are the markets using one specific type of media (are they primarily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter --> do they use InkedIn to connect to like minded professionals, do they use docial media platforms such as HootSuite or Loomly and what works best/doesn't work for them
Are they keeping up with trends and expanding their market when necessary? Are they being TOO broad (are they marketing to too many audiences, when they should be engaging with a certain age bracket/social bracket/etc)
What can they improve on, what do they need to focus less on?
There is more...but this is the summary of the basics of what I am trying to accomplish, when I work with a client.
Do the clients prefer social networking or virtual communities, in pursuing their target markets? (not everyone uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, even though they are the major platforms)
Now, to find a website platform, that will suit everyone's needs.

The usual conversation with the average person, who doesn't see Social Media beyond a random Facebook post: 

Why do you want to be a social media manager? You just post on social media. How does that do anything?
You just see a post. When I see posts, I see how they utilized Ad campaigns, what their target audiences are and if they are marketing to their audience in the right ways. How they can optimize their audience reach. What they did right, what they could do better. And if their posts are eye catching, fun and appealing to diverse audiences.
What I see, is a trend in the utilization of social media, more than any other media (newspapers, websites, etc...) to attract audiences, sales and more. 
I see an Instagram Ad Campaign, from an Instagram account with 1M followers, that could potentially bring in 2M revenue. 
I see a Twitter Ad Campaign from a Twitter start up business, that has only 5000 followers, that has the potential to quadruple that within months, with the right analytics and the right target marketing campaigns. 
I see a Facebook Ad for a new music festival, that could generate such a large audience and interest, that the next year, they not only need a bigger venue, but every musical artist out there, wants to be a part of it. (See Life Is Beautiful!) 
So, you see a post...I see potential!

I'm not the only one! 


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