July 4, 2010

Fourth of July at Lake George!

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As we used to before moving to NC, we went to Lake George for the 4th! (Next year we are thinking either Lake Placid or maybe Sylvan Beach, if not Uncle Jack's camp!)

The kids had a blast, and I, as usual, did not want to leave the mountain! I am in my element when in nature, and I just want to sit.stay.not.go.back!

We went to a couple shops and for lunch went to the A&W...I was in HEAVEN for that one! Yummy cheese curds!

We also went on the Minnie HA HA. We have not done that since Nick was about Wyatt's age!

The kids loved Fort William Henry. It was cool to see people walking around in vintage clothing! I don't think I have even seen them do that at Fort McHenry (the kids and I have been there 3 times, without Chris...he has yet to see it!)

Here are a few pictures from our day!

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