March 18, 2019

MamaPedia: Toddler Sign Language And Biting

Posted by Becka

I recently got back into a few blogging communities. One, being MamaPedia, where I have answered questions in this blog, in the past. 

My latest can be read HERE on the MamaPedia Page. 

You can see a preview below: 

On the subject of biting, which is a normal toddler behavior, there were several questions posed from several frustrated mamas over the years. So I decided to give my own advice on the subject, having dealt with it for quite a long time!

Biting, hitting, yelling: all of these behaviors can be seen in any toddler classroom, playdate, or other extracurricular activity involving young children who are not yet verbally expressive. Most teachers and parents try their hardest to avoid these instances, but when you have eight to ten 18-month to 2-year-olds in one room, it can be pretty hard to avoid every instance.

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