March 23, 2019

We Love Mystic Falls!

Posted by Becka

In 2012, my daughter and I, late to the game, discovered a little show called The Vampire Diaries. From this show, we not only got to see where the magic was made in Covington Georgia, AKA Mystic Falls, VA, we made a ton of amazing friends, who are now family.

My daughter joined the Ian Somhalder Foundation Kids Army and, through that, go to meet kids from all over the world.

It had been 6 years, since we were able to make it to Covington. So, in February, for her 16th birthday, I decided to bring her there.

Of course, we had to go to the Mystic Grill. The last time we where there, in March 2013, it was not yet open to the public.

Not only was it beautiful, there were amazing displays of autographs, plaques and pictures form the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries, as well as other famous people that have visited. 
We had to go to the beautiful square and get pictures of the houses we loved in the show. Including Ten Oaks, also used in other TV shows, such as Dukes of Hazard and movies, such as Gone With The Wind. We also got pictures of the Lockwood Mansion and Elena's house, which I aways LOVED! 

Of course, she HAD to go to Scoops, her most faboitre of all ice cream places. 

I wish it weren't raining, or else we could have walked around, instead of driving. But there will be a next time!

Oh and, since we were in the area (if you count being na hour away in the area) I also HAD to drive to the Love, Simon house, that they used for Simon's family's house. This house could be yours, for only $1.4 Million! Totally with it, I think! the entire neighborhood is absolutely beautiful!


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