December 28, 2020

Love Wins, Again!

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Yesterday, I posted about Matthew and Paul and how their joint Instagram account was taken down due to homophobia on the platform. Well, I am happy to announce, after 130K shares of the article linked in the last post, they are back up and running! Love wins, again! I guess Instagram will learn next time they try to mess with someone who haw an entire army of people behind them!  

They were also featured in one of my favorite publications, Pink News, as well as Instinct. We are all so happy the guys got their amazing account back. Now, they can get back to posting about love, relationships and being true to yourself. 

Here is what they posted on their Instagram, after it was restored! 

We’re back!! One week ago, our account was disabled for violating Instagram’s terms. What was our violation? “Pretending to be someone else”. Obviously, this is untrue — but it was alarming to see how easily trolls can have an account disabled. ⁣

We work hard to bring quality content to the internet. Not just with our Instagram posts, but the podcast we produce each week. I’m not gonna lie, it’s disheartening to be targeted by hateful people. They’re not just attacking the two of us, but our entire community.⁣

As gay men, we are often left wondering “was this an act of homophobia?” And, unfortunately, I think that’s a question gay people confront all the time. ⁣

Did that cop pull us over because of the rainbow bumpersticker? Was the laughter from that passing car preceded by a gay joke? Was that picture or video removed because it featured same-sex affection?⁣

And in our case: Was our entire account disabled because it promotes a healthy, loving gay relationship? Are there people out there who fear positive gay role models? This week, we have learned the answer is an unequivocal “Yes”. This is not the first time we have had to deal with this, and it certainly wont be the last. ⁣

That’s because homophobia is alive and well. In fact, it’s thriving. Which really only bolsters our desire to create more positive gay content. ⁣

In the week since this happened, we have learned that thousands of LGBTQ+ creators were targeted just like we were. And, sadly, many of them don’t have the platform we have, nor the ability to contact journalists and reporters (and get a response.)⁣

Thank you, Trolls, for reminding us why we continue to fight for the rights and visibility of LGBTQIA+ people. We are a strong and resilient community. Your light will slowly dim, and ours will burn ever-brighter. You will never outlast us. ⁣

Love. Always. Wins. -Matthew and Paul xx⁣

Lets make sure thisi never happens again! Whether to Matthew and Paul or any other LGBTQ content creator on any platform! 

December 26, 2020

Instagram Is Targeting LGBTQ Accounts...And It Needs To Stop!

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    At the start of this pandemic, I discovered two of the most real, sincere and amazing men. Their names are Matthew Olshefski and Paul Castle. Matthew is a classically trained violinist, who you can find on YouTube, Instagram, and on your music apps as The Shirtless Violinist. Paul is an astounding artist, who happens to have just 15% of his vision left, as a result of a rare eye condition. You can see and purchase his adorable and whimsical art on Etsy

    In April, they launched their podcast, His & His Podcast. Their podcast has reached all corners of the world and has even helped a lot of people in their own personal lives. As well as this, they have created a community of friends, who may otherwise had never met. Along with the podcast, they created a joint Instagram account, entitled Matthew And Paul. In this account, they posted their own stories, asked questions and posted fun stories during their every day lives. 

    Sadly, in a recent targeting of the LGBTQ community on Instagram, their account was flagged as "pretending to be someone else" and suspended. This has not just happened to them, but many other LGBTQ content creators. 

    These creators have spend months, and even years, creating content that reaches out to diverse audiences and has the potential to help millions of people. 

    Please share this post, or this article, to bring awareness to this! Instagram needs to cease targeting LGBTQ and being homophobic. This is should not be their agenda. They leave posts and accounts that are racist, homophobic, misogynist, and downright disgusting, and target those that create wholesome content. 

Along with this article, here are some useful hashtags you can use, to make sure your post reaches as many people as it possibly can! 

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Along with this, you can reach Matthew and Paul on these social media sites: 

Matthew And Paul Facebook

Matthew And Paul Twitter

Matthew Instagram

Matthew Twitter 

Matthew Facebook

Paul Instagram

Paul Twitter

Paul Facebook

Matthew And Paul Tik Tok

His & His Podcast

December 22, 2020

My Year Of iTunes

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My Year Of Spotify

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My year of Spotify

My Year Of Tik Tk

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My year in Tik Tok: 




♬ original sound - Becka

When Your New Book Purchase Says A Lot...

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You know your a social media manager/content strategist, when this is your newest book purchase.

December 18, 2020

When You Stop Learning, That Is When You Start Dying

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    This was a quote my friend, Rebecca, in Canada said to me, on a Facebook post I made about looking for a PhD program in Communications. That hit me. I have been like this since I was little. I was the one that always had books in her hands. But not just novels. I would buy old textbooks from garage sales, or take out books from the library on subjects that were probably considered way above my head. (I did an extra credit report on espionage in 6th grade). 

    I have even beeb made fun of, for my veracious appetite for learning. Even questioned, when I decided to start my Master of Science of Digital Audience Strategy at Arizona State University. I even kept it under wraps, which schools I applied to, because I didn't want to deal with negative feedback. 

    Which brings me to this. Through ASU, I have been able to take multiple certifications and non-certification courses, through HubSpot Academy and Google Analytics. And the best part? The certifications required for my classes, are not the only ones I am allowed to take. I plan on getting in as many as I can, before May 2021 graduation! 

    After 24 years, 5 colleges, and multiple people telling me that I couldn't do it, especially as I got older (there is a whole group for students my age at ASU, which is amazing!) I am finally going to graduate with a higher education degree. This may not be important to some, but to me, it is. I am a lifelong learner and I finally do not feel ashamed about it! 

    And starting now, I am researching schools, some in the UK, for my PhD. Thanks to a friend of mine and fellow Ian Somerhalder Foundation volunteer, who is also getting her higher education degree from a school in London, from the comfort of her home in California, for telling me about these options!


December 7, 2020

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

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 I've had a few amazing guest bloggers in the past and I would love more! If you want to bee featured on my blog, please  EMAIL ME!

Six Down, Four To Go!

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As the end of the year comes to a close, so does my first year in the Master of Digital Audience Strategy program at Arizona State University! In the last 28 weeks, I have over come every obstacle thrown my way and I can see that finish line approaching! Six classes down and four more to go. 

I have had a lot of self doubt, one class that I swore I would not pass (sometimes you have to self teach) and people telling me I couldn't do it or mocking me for wanting to continue my education. 

So here is to a much needed five week break and a quiet 2021 to focus on me and my degree! 


September 7, 2020

Meet Paul Castle, Seattle Blind Artist

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Paul Castle is an artist living in Seattle.

    At age 16, he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare genetic eye disease. He currently works with 15% of his eyesight and will eventually go blind.

    Paul has an array of amazing artwork, from cute drawings to whimsical paintings, which have been bought by people all over the world. This book is a dream project for Paul and this Kickstarter will help him achieve that.

    The Pengrooms will be a 32-page children’s picture book about two penguins, Pringle and Finn, who own a specialty cake shop. Through the course of the story, Pringle and Finn deliver colorful cakes to different LGBTQ weddings across the animal kingdom. With each delivery comes an unexpected surprise that reveals how Pringle and Finn work as a team, and ultimately make an unforgettable duo.     The final pages of the book will include an unexpected twist that will delight readers of all ages. This story was born out of a desire to see more LGBTQ representation in children’s literature. It’s time to see an array of gay characters making a positive impact on the hearts and minds of future generations.

    Paul is extremely talented! You can see his work HERE.
    Paul’s dream has always been to create a children’s book, with LGBTQ characters, that doesn’t just entertain children, but also prompts them to ask questions and learn life lessons.     

    That is what his current Kickstarter campaign is all about! Paul created the Pengrooms, when he was creating his and his wonderful husband, Matthew’s wedding invitations last year. They, and many of his adorable characters, will be featured in this 32 page, 250 word children’s book. 

    Recently, the Kickstarter reached a very important stretch goal: The ability to get Paul's books into bookstores, libraries and into the hands of children's publishers, all over the world! But we still need help! If you can, please share this blog post, or just the Kickstarter link (linked above), to everyone and anyone you can think of. That includes local or national news stations, LGBTQ organizations, or even just Twitter, Instagram or Facebook groups you are a part of. 

    Let's help this amazing artist, make his dreams come true! 

March 29, 2020

Some Rambling Thoughts About What Social Media Management Really Is

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In the last 7 years, I have curated content, run ads and just posted for people/organizations/bands, etc... so they could continue to attract their market audiences and draw revenue. This has been my passion for the last 7 years and continues to be. This is the future. More people will be looking to social media, usually by the suggestion of their peers, for what to buy, who to listen to, what to watch, and so on.

In implementing a more professional persona for my goals in media marketing and communications, I am trying to develop a more outlined plan: (these are just thoughts, forgive me if they ramble in areas) AKA What I have learned in 7 years of social media marketing and content curation 
defining high market values--> what markets do I want to cater to, do I want to dabble in whatever come into my inbox, or do I want to be specific?
I feel that being versatile is key, but not to spread myself too thin. In the last 7 years, my clients have been travel agencies, entertainment and professional development.
Content curation for each of these varies and is dependent on what the client/organization/person needs at that specific time.
What areas have helped each market I have taken on grow and what has been detrimental to them.
The content that gets the most attention, is colorful, fun and relevant.
Are the markets using one specific type of media (are they primarily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter --> do they use InkedIn to connect to like minded professionals, do they use docial media platforms such as HootSuite or Loomly and what works best/doesn't work for them
Are they keeping up with trends and expanding their market when necessary? Are they being TOO broad (are they marketing to too many audiences, when they should be engaging with a certain age bracket/social bracket/etc)
What can they improve on, what do they need to focus less on?
There is more...but this is the summary of the basics of what I am trying to accomplish, when I work with a client.
Do the clients prefer social networking or virtual communities, in pursuing their target markets? (not everyone uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, even though they are the major platforms)
Now, to find a website platform, that will suit everyone's needs.

The usual conversation with the average person, who doesn't see Social Media beyond a random Facebook post: 

Why do you want to be a social media manager? You just post on social media. How does that do anything?
You just see a post. When I see posts, I see how they utilized Ad campaigns, what their target audiences are and if they are marketing to their audience in the right ways. How they can optimize their audience reach. What they did right, what they could do better. And if their posts are eye catching, fun and appealing to diverse audiences.
What I see, is a trend in the utilization of social media, more than any other media (newspapers, websites, etc...) to attract audiences, sales and more. 
I see an Instagram Ad Campaign, from an Instagram account with 1M followers, that could potentially bring in 2M revenue. 
I see a Twitter Ad Campaign from a Twitter start up business, that has only 5000 followers, that has the potential to quadruple that within months, with the right analytics and the right target marketing campaigns. 
I see a Facebook Ad for a new music festival, that could generate such a large audience and interest, that the next year, they not only need a bigger venue, but every musical artist out there, wants to be a part of it. (See Life Is Beautiful!) 
So, you see a post...I see potential!

I'm not the only one! 

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