December 26, 2020

Instagram Is Targeting LGBTQ Accounts...And It Needs To Stop!

Posted by Becka


    At the start of this pandemic, I discovered two of the most real, sincere and amazing men. Their names are Matthew Olshefski and Paul Castle. Matthew is a classically trained violinist, who you can find on YouTube, Instagram, and on your music apps as The Shirtless Violinist. Paul is an astounding artist, who happens to have just 15% of his vision left, as a result of a rare eye condition. You can see and purchase his adorable and whimsical art on Etsy

    In April, they launched their podcast, His & His Podcast. Their podcast has reached all corners of the world and has even helped a lot of people in their own personal lives. As well as this, they have created a community of friends, who may otherwise had never met. Along with the podcast, they created a joint Instagram account, entitled Matthew And Paul. In this account, they posted their own stories, asked questions and posted fun stories during their every day lives. 

    Sadly, in a recent targeting of the LGBTQ community on Instagram, their account was flagged as "pretending to be someone else" and suspended. This has not just happened to them, but many other LGBTQ content creators. 

    These creators have spend months, and even years, creating content that reaches out to diverse audiences and has the potential to help millions of people. 

    Please share this post, or this article, to bring awareness to this! Instagram needs to cease targeting LGBTQ and being homophobic. This is should not be their agenda. They leave posts and accounts that are racist, homophobic, misogynist, and downright disgusting, and target those that create wholesome content. 

Along with this article, here are some useful hashtags you can use, to make sure your post reaches as many people as it possibly can! 

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Along with this, you can reach Matthew and Paul on these social media sites: 

Matthew And Paul Facebook

Matthew And Paul Twitter

Matthew Instagram

Matthew Twitter 

Matthew Facebook

Paul Instagram

Paul Twitter

Paul Facebook

Matthew And Paul Tik Tok

His & His Podcast


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