March 22, 2019

Is Disney Educational? Of Course It Is!

Posted by Becka

A couple years ago, there was a discussion about taking your child out of school for a trip to

Well, OF COURSE I would!!!!

But many people were saying that (teachers mainly) parents
would take their child out of school as a learning experience...and that it
didn't seem like a valid excuse. Then one mom actually said that Disney was NOT
a learning experience....

I have to 110% disatgree with Disney not being a learning

Let's see, what can a child learn about at Disney...
American history (hall of presidents)

World cultures and traditions (Epcot and other places)

All about animals, and their natural habitats (Animal

Waiting turns (you KNOW how LONG those lines are!!!)

Science (Epcot, etc..)

Future technology (see above)

Economics (saving and spending their own money)

Map reading and navigation (those Disney maps are very

Math (waiting times, money, etc...)

Reading (signs, ride names, etc...)

Marine biology (Disney Oceans and other items)

And that is just to name a few...

And I  came upon this a few years ago...

This holds so true! 

Don't forget the Disney College of Knowledge! There is also Disney Traditions, that every cast member goes though. 

You can also go through their College Program and choose areas of studies. Otherwise known, as Disney University! 

Here are some other things, I am already sure you knew, but, in case you didn't! 

Epcot is exploding
with science and social studies lessons! And Animal Kingdom is nothing more
than a zoo...schools take field trips to zoos all of the time. And if you have
slightly older kids there's lots to talk about at Hollywood Studios with the
history of filmaking (art). You could get really deep and talk about the
relationship of the economy and entertainment.

As for the Magic Kingdom...well, that's recess!  Seriously, even there there's the Hall of
Presidents & the Carousel of Progress. And yes, we do take our children to
all of those things.

There are SO many learning experiences at Disney, and the
park itself is SOOOO rich with history and stories, that I can no see how you
can NOT learn something at Disney!!!

And that concludes my presentation on why Disney is educational! :) There are more, and hopefully some of my friends will list them. But if you ever get ridiculed for taking your child out of school for a Disney vacation, use this in rebuttal!

Not to mention The Man himself, Mr. Walter Elias Disney was HUGE on education.


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