September 12, 2010!

Posted by Becka
A friend of mine recommended HeadSprout to me a while back. It says ages 4 and up (Grades K-5), but I decided to try it with my 3 year old. (My 2nd grader is already way past the lessons on this site).

I started with Episode 1, thinking that he MIGHT know a couple letters and sounds. Well, he surprised me by knowing EVERY letter on there, and their sounds, and finally reading the word SEE at the end. (And on a separate sheet of paper, just to test him). He begged for another one, so we went onto Episode 2, where he had a blast with other letters and sounds!

From the HeadSprout site:

Headsprout wants every child to be a capable, confident reader! We have developed a patented, adaptive instructional process to ensure every child learns.

This site truly helps young readers by utilizing letter recognition, phonics, and word building, combined with fun games and activities geared towards the age group you pick. It also lets you monitor your child's progress. There are progress maps, scoring sheets, stories, flashcards and more, to help your child learn more and to reinforce lessons he did on the website. 

You are able to get personalized lessons as well as different parts of the site catered to administrators, teachers, and parents. 

The price of the program for ages 4-7 is 6 payments of $33 and 5 payments of $20 for 7 and older. But they currently have a free trial (which we are on at the moment) to see if it is right for your child. You get the first 3 episodes. 

I believe it is a small investment to further your child's love of education starting young, so they continue to love school for years to come! 

I am glad I was told about this site!! It is like having a teacher right in your own home! 

I hope you check them out! They are also on FACEBOOK and TWITTER 

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