September 23, 2010

I forgot I had this section!!! And mommy brag moment!

Posted by Becka
I was doing updates for all the kids throughout the years, on my other blogs. When I lost those blogs, I usually tried to put it on the others I created. It didn't show up on here, and when looking for things to add, I found and old copy.

Sooo....I had to add it! After all, isn't part of being a mom bragging about the kids!? So, check out the column over there ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

For updates on the kids...if you're interested lol

Here is what the update looks like now! (I was hoping for it to be in color, like it was when I was re writing it)

Last Updated September 23, 2010

Nick just started middle school! He is doing great so far.

He decided to take German, which is cool, since he is part
German, and Chris can help him with his pronunciations!!

He is going to start trumpet in band, possibly join chorus, and wants to get back into gifted math!

Michele just started 2nd grade and LOVES it! She has been quite upset that there has been no homework yet.

She is reading 2 or more grade levels above her grade, and is about a grade level ahead in math.

I hope her love of school and learning lasts until long after college!

Wyatt is a smart little guy! He was signing 2-4 word sentences at 6 months, and by 2 he had well over 1000 or more words (yes I count! I still have my older 2 kids word count sheets!)! Now, at 3, he is interested in learning his letters, numbers, colors, words, and more!

Still loves to sign!

Knows the months of the year (Macarena style!)

Knows 18 uppercase letters (he started this around 1, but
never showed interest until now!)

Knows 13 lower case letters (also started late, only recently interested!)

He knows the sounds most letters make

He can name and point to 10 colors and 8 shapes:
--red, black, brown, orange, white, pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue
--circle, square, triangle, diamond, star, rectangle, oval, and heart

He can count to 20, and recognizes numbers 1-10

Wyatt is starting to want to read too! We started and he LOVES it!

So far he can read:
his name
san (a word in the game)
It is a start!

He can also write a few letters: O, W, U, Y, M

Wyatt LOVES puzzles and can currently do a few that we have alone, including a 45 pc United States puzzle

Wyatt is great at sharing and turn taking, and is always saying please, thank yo, and has great manners all around!

Wyatt is enjoying his Montessori preschool and is even currently learning about the continents!

Now, if he would just potty train!

Evan is such a sweetie! And a smart cookie!

So far he has signed: MORE, EAT, MILK, DADDY, TIME, CHANGE, PLEASE, DOG, HAPPY, CRY, SLEEP, PHONE, DIAPER, BIRD, FISH, and much more! He has used some (signed) multiple word sentences as well

Evan has spoken: DADA, MAMA, NICK, SIS, WY, DOG, CAT, FISH, BIRD, YAY, NO, YES, MORE, EAT, ROOM, CAR, and just a few more...he is getting there! He has also spoken a few, though not a lot, of multiple word sentences.

It is so nice to know what he wants, without 20 questions and tantrums!

He is learning more daily, and has started to love coloring with his brothers and sister!

Evan has also finally learned to go up and down stairs, so we let him go to the playroom where he usually plays nicely!

Thank you for reading the kids updates! I will be sure to update this section more often, and move it to the I remember!

Stay at home, business owning mom of 4 young kids, Nick the Sportsman, Michele the Princess, Wyatt the Wild One, and Evan the Baby.Bachelor in Early Childhood Development and Education, with 20 years experience. I could not ask for anything more!

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