September 16, 2010

4 Year old learn more through teacher interaction!

Posted by Becka
I LOVE my friends over at Parent Dish. Their tweets are great and always informative, and their blog has a slew of useful information, advice, links, and more. (Including health advice, celebrity gossip, and new stories)

I recently saw my friend over at The Reluctant Daddy tweet a link from them, that had me jumping for joy! 

The article, found HERE states that, at age 4, children learn better through adult and teacher interaction, then just free play. This is something I have said for years, but always receive opposition! (well, except from those who actually know anything about early childhood education!). I especially liked this quote (ok more then this, but we will start at the beginning, a very goo place to start):

 A new study shows that 4-year-olds make more significant gains in early language and math skills when being guided by a teacher. 

This is crucial! The more you talk to a child, the earlier they will speak, and understand the language. I read somewhere that children that hear an average of 30,000 words a day from birth have an increased IQ by age 7 or 8. I will have to find that...I think I remember the site!

And another part of the research that had me at HELLO, something I have been blogging about since 2004! (Sure wish I could get my blog back that poofed)  This is what makes me advocate an academic environment prior to kindergarten:

Those who spent most of their time in free choice play with limited instruction -- the model used in more than half of the children's classrooms -- made smaller gains in language and math than children in other types of programs. Kids in free play programs spent little time on academic activities, the report notes. 

Maybe this study, done at UCLA, will open more parents eyes to the importance of a rigorous academic routine for their preschooler!

And the last part of the article that I had to smile at...

"If early childhood education is to level the playing field by stimulating children's academic development, more quality instructional time spent with teachers and less free play time without teacher guidance may prepare children better for starting kindergarten,"

Thank you, Nina Chien, for this study!!!!!

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