September 17, 2010

I love him...just have to keep telling myself that!

Posted by Becka
An off week for Wyatt! Gotta love 3 year olds!

So this was Wyatt's first week of school. Monday at drop of he had a meltdown. I kind of expected it, but WOW he was OFF THE WALL! Luckily the teacher called and said he calmed down quick. After school, we went to McDonald's. I figured it would help him out a little. After only about 15 minutes we had to leave. He was throwing his food, climbing up the windows (or at least trying), taking his drink in the playroom (I really do not usually care, but it ends up a big mess!), and so on. He was NOT happy! When we got home, he refused to get out of the I left him there...he got out real quick! Inside, he proceeded to destroy most of the playroom.

Tuesday, I decided to use my expiring free buffet coupon at CiCis. Since the 2 boys are free, I decided to go when the older 2 would not be with us! I told him right off that, when we get there, he needs to sit down and not get up, or we will leave. He listened, for the most part. I made it quick, so we wouldn't find out if he was going to behave for long or not! This was actually a pleasant lunch and he walked to the car with me with no problems. Though when we got home, he decided the diapers and wipes would be better off strewn all over the living room, and the cans of vegetable ans such would be better off all over the rest of the house.

Wednesday was better. At First. Drop off was easy peasy! No crying, lots of smiles and a hug goodbye. At pick up they were in the gym, and Evan got to play for a bit. So we go home, have lunch, and I go to clean up. I turn to wash the dishes, and hear a WHOOSH sound...only to turn around and find a canister of bread crumbs on the kitchen floor. THANKS Wy! I much prefer sweeping up breadcrumbs anyway!!! So it takes me a while to do that, having to keep a 3 year old and 14 month old away from what looks to them as a giant sandbox! Then, he decided to throw all his wooden puzzles around (and he has A LOT) while I took a bathroom break (yea I know, I'm no allowed to do that!) All was well until my oldest got home...Wyatt decided to take a bag of rice, open it, and send it flying down the stairs! Of course, my cheapie vacuum didn't work on the rice, so I had to pick it up by hand. All 998989889798767656564554527465267548 grains of it! So I finally got him to clam down by letting him watch a marathon of Blues Clues. I am not above resorting to a TV babysitter when I need to refrain from killing children!

Thursday, no school again...(he only goes MWF)...He seemed to now want to stop using the couch as Mt. Everest! You would think, after his FALL back in February, he would have stopped that by now!! He also decided Evan needed to learn to share...I will leave that to your imagination on how well THAT one went! He seems to be in constant motion which is great...except his constant motion leaves a trail of destruction lol. Di I mention he also decided to, while I was trying to get some cleaning done, he also tried to empty the toothpaste on him, the floor, and his brother's head!?

Friday. School day. Not sure what today will bring lol. But perhaps I will update if there is anything to say about my little angel :)

Edited! Yup surely enough at Evan's doctor appointment Wyatt could not sit still in the room and was driving me up the flippin wall! Now he wont take no for an answer and keeps wanting a Popsicle after he already had 2 today! Heck no!

Mama sure does need a night out!

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