September 9, 2010

Another iPhone App Review!

Posted by Becka
So on Twitter, I follow some great Tweets from Kiboomu, a great place to get preshool ideas.

I saw that they had a great APP called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Preschool Storybook Piano by KIBOOMU. So I downloaded it for my 3 year old, Wyatt's,  page on my iPhone, knowing he LOVES games and LOVES music.


Aspiring toddler & preschool pianists now have a new way to take piano lessons! Introducing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Piano iPhone App by KIBOOMU.

Here is a snapshot of the game:

iPhone Screenshot 1

He LOVES it! He was SO happy when it started playing Twinkle Twinkle (I have been singing and signing to this song with him since birth) that he was jumping for joy! He loves tinkering on the mini piano and singing along with the notes and songs.

I love the 4 main features...Play And Sing Along, Learn The Song, Karaoke Mode, and Free Style.

Play And Sing Along 
You have a choice of instruments ranging from piano to harp. Each mode plays in that sound. You can then play the song while listening to it. And, of course, sing along!

Learn The Song
Choosing an instrument to play, it shows you the notes as well as the corresponding keys while the song is sung. This seems to stimulate multiple learning centers for music, which is the way to go when teaching children music!

Karaoke Mode
Just as it says! It shows the words on the screen and plays the song. This is a great way to learn to read words and play the song. You can also choose from English, French, and Spanish!

Free Style
This is a fun one! It shows the words, sings the song, and you can hear the keys, but does not show the keys used. Instead, it lets the child figure it out.

I give this app 5 stars!! My son only plays a few select games I have downloaded for him, and this seems to be a definite favorite!

Click the links above to visit their pages! And don't forget to visit their Facebook Page!!

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