September 10, 2010

Wee Hands DVD... A Review And A Giveaway!

Posted by Becka
The Wee Hands At Home Volume 1 DVD recently became available to the public.I was VERY excited after months of hearing about the production and where they were and when. If you are not already familiar with Wee Hands (I teach through them, so if you know ME you BETTER know THEM!!!) They are a Baby/Toddler/Preschool sign Language company, based out of Toronto, Ontario.

"WeeHands now has more than 50+ qualified Instructors across North America. WeeHands Instructors come from a variety of professional backgrounds.  For example, some of our our Instructors area American Sign Language Interpreters, Speech-Language Pathologists and Teachers of the Deaf.  All of our instructors have a passion for teaching young families and have a background in both American Sign Language and education."

I have been teaching with Wee Hands since around the end of 2006.

On to the DVD...

The DVD contains signs and songs from the first half (4 of 8 weeks) of our Signing Babies 1 class. This class/DVD is aimed at children (and their parents!) ages newborn to 1 1/2. It was produced with the help of a great group called D-PAN (Deaf Professionals Artists Network)  

They have some wonderful videos signed to some pretty well known songs! You can find them HERE. It is such beautiful work!

The DVD starts with basic signs ans songs that are introduced in class. The songs are signed by very talented hard of hearing children (and some adults). It is easy to follow, and most kids seem to pick it up very quickly! Then, Sara Bingham, founder and owner, teaches you all about the benefits of signing with young children, as well as dispelling many myths, and emphasizing the importance of using ASL instead of made up gestures!

As much as we love our other signing videos, this DVD really helps the audience understand the why's and how's of using signs with children.

You can read Sara's blog HERE.

Also, here is a song from the video...just happens to be one of my favorite to teach in my classes! (don't forget to look below the video!)

And now the fun part! 

Tell me about YOUR signing experience with your child! ONE lucky winner will receive this DVD to use with their family! 

The contest ends September 30!
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