October 31, 2010

The Baby Signing Book review and giveaway!

Posted by Becka
I have had this book for a couple years now, and love it SO much! I really helps me in my classes and many parents have bought or borrowed this book on my recommendation. So I wanted to pass this along to one lucky winner (usually picked by one of my kids!) This contest is running until the end of November. So you have a long time to get the word out!!  This is my longest running contest yet! :) If I get enough people wanting to win, I will most likely pick 1-2 more people to send this book to! 

The Baby Signing Book by Sara Bingham, owner and founder of WEE HANDS, baby, toddler, and preschool sign language classes (and more!) is a great book for anyone wanting to, or already in the process of, signing with their child.

The book includes 350 ASL signs, songs, tips, tricks, child development tips, and more!

It starts out by giving you a history of why Sara started signing with her children, a little history of the WeeHands company, and the history of baby signing. The book then explains how to use the signs and tips in the book, and how to get started signing with your baby.

There are 9 chapters in Part 1 of the book, each one building on the last, in an effort to help you fully understand the hows and whys of using signs with young children. Throughout the book, there are signs along the sides of the page, showing you different signs that pertain the that certain part of the book.

Chapters 1-2 explains the basics...hand shapes, why ASL is important and why not to use made up signs, the importance of parental involvement in the development of language, ASL dialect and grammar, resources, when to start, introducing the concept of conversation, body language and movement, and what signs to start with. It also goes into the benefits of sign language, brain development, and long term benefits of signing.

Chapters 3-6 goes into signing at certain ages, and when to use what signs, how, etc... at each stage of development (Ch. 3 0-6 months, Ch. 4 6-12 months, Ch. 5 12-18 months, Ch. 6 18 -24 months). It even has spaces for you to record your child's progress with signs they have used.

Chapters 7-8 are ones that many people either do not realize is beneficial, or stop before that stage, since their kids should be very verbal by then...preschoolers! Chapter 7 covering 2-2 1/2 and Chapter 8 covering 2 1/2 to 3 years old. These ages, though the child is very verbal at this stage, are ages where signing with your child may actually come in handy! For example, church, across a table at a big dinner, through the window or door, and so on. It also gives fun songs to sign and sign with your preschooler! These are very fun, and children naturally love finger plays, so this will be something they will enjoy!

Chapter 9 covers signing with children with special needs. To me, this is very important, because children with  things such as Downs Syndrome, severe Autism, Apraxia, and so on (and, of course, hard of hearing), have a very hard time communicating. Teaching them sign language will help them over come many barriers they would have had, if they had not know ASL! I have seen some amazing videos over the years of children with disabilities signing away!

Part 2 of The Baby Signing Book is a sign language dictionary. It starts out by explaining hand choice (using your dominant hand), male and female signs, dialects, emotions, nouns and verbs, and resources. It then shows you the ASL alphabet as well as the ASL numbers 1-10.

In the dictionary, there are 350 signs, each one having a spot where you can put the date you introduced your child to the sign, as well as the date they produced the sign for you! Each sign has a picture of a person signing it, the hand shape used for the sign, body space, movement, and memory aid to help you and you child remember the sign.

The last 11 pages have 36 songs, alphabetized, for you to sign and sing with your child. Along the sides of the pages, are pictures of people signing the key words, to help you along.

There are also some great resources listed at the end of the book, to help you find more information about signing with your child.

This is a very helpful book that anyone just starting, or even if you have been signing for quite some time, to use with your child, your day care or preschool class, homeschool group, and so on!

And the best part? One lucky winner will win this book! 

This contest ends November 30! There are  

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