October 19, 2010

We LOVE Dr. Jean!

Posted by Becka
Ever since my 7 year old was little, we have loved Dr. Jean! She has a ton of songs, mostly geared towards learning and moving (this is why Kindermusik is so popular, because while the children are moving to the music, they are learning too! And we LOVE our Kindermusik!)

I love looking at her site, as she always has some great learning tips, printouts, downloads and more. I recently went on her site and found THIS PDF of ways to read to your child. I also hope to one day go on one of her WORKSHOPS.

I think, so far, my favorite thing to do with my kids is the Macarena Months, and the whole CD of Dr. Jean and Friends, Sing to Learn, and Nursery Rhymes :) You can see a list of her albums and songs by clicking the link on THIS page.

I posted a VIDEO a while back of my 7 year old, then 2 1/2, proudly showing off her Macarena Months :).

Now I need to go get more Dr. Jean songs!!! I just wish I had the money for THIS!!! In the meantime, I will just use her OCTOBER activities and browse her BOOKS and SONGS!

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