October 7, 2010

There are other ways to teach your baby to read!

Posted by Becka
Another MAMAPEDIA question answered... "Should I buy Your Baby Can Read...

The best way to teach your child to read, is to read to them. Read, rhyme, sing, sign all day, and your little one will become proficient in language and word recognition. Babies/toddlers do not learn as much from a video as they do with face to face time. Integrate that with music education from day one and you will be set! Take her to a Kindermusik or Music Together class, get involved in baby signing classes and talk to her about what you are doing during the day while wearing her in a sling.

TV does more harm then good for babies and young children , and the AAP strongly suggests against any TV under 2. There are some great articles out there, I usually go to one site in particular (www.lenababy.com) and they had a great article HERE

Do a lot of research before buying into these "educational" videos...yea, I love the occasional Baby Einstein, but not for educational purposes. They are out to make money more then anything else!

Just as an example, I started signing with Wyatt at birth...he was using 2 word sentences by 6 months, (you can see his progress HERE and now he is a word machine lol. (Evan is following close behind!)

Also, it only teaches sight word recognition, and not the  all important phonics and comprehension aspects of learning to read!

Apparently my great grandmother taught me to read by 2...and there were no educational videos 31 years ago!

Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

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