October 9, 2010

Annual Apple Festival!

Posted by Becka
Today we got up bright and early and went to the apple festival in Castelton. We have not been there since Nick (we lived there when he was born) was a baby. He did not come with us, because apparently going to a friends house is more fun ;) It's ok, maybe I wont share the fresh apple cider and apple cider donuts we got :)

It was a little chillier there then here, it is about an hour south of where we live now. So when we got there, I had to buy sweatshirts for the kids...luckily there was a vendor selling them! Of course, Michele picked out a pink one, and Wyatt a dinosaur one. This does not surprise me!!

We got a lot of yummy treats to bring home...as I said, the donuts and cider, but also roasted almonds, which I LOVE, as well as chocolate chip cookies with a chocolate center! YUM! I didn't get many pictures, since my phone was not charged last night, but I did get one of Evan waiting for his brother and sister to get out of the bounce house, the apple cider and a couple memory lane pictures.

We also enjoyed a HUGE lemonade, pizza, and a blooming onion. And my little man went potty when needed! (Hey this is new, I am reveling in it!)

I hope to go again next year with EVERYONE this time!

And the yummy apple cider made fresh just yesterday!

A sorta beautiful view of the city...best i could take while driving

This used to be a small store that we used to walk to when we lived in Castleton...looks like the economy was not good to them :(

Our old house...we lived on the bottom floor...it USED to have a nice porch, apparently they remodeled. When we lived here 11 years ago, the house was already over 100 years old...the landlords live next door (or they used to, I am assuming they still do). It was a cute flat! The front does look cute, though...and there seemed to be a double deck on the back. Maybe sometime when Nick is with us, I will stop by again. I LOVED our landlords (husband/wife) and they were REALLY good to us! 

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