October 17, 2010

This article was perfect! I think they wrote about my son!!

Posted by Becka
So I saw THIS ARTICLE on Facebook, and, of course, HAD to read it. I thought someone had written about my 3 year old, even down to watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the phone. (If anyone saw my Facebook status last night, that is what he was doing, instead of going to bed!)

I have MobiTV though, so he can watch many shows...but he seems to choose one a week to HAVE to watch on it (usually on the way to school). Wyatt has about 2 pages of apps (27 apps) that are just his. The older 2 also have some, but they are not all currently on the phone. They have mainly things like Dora, Split Second (a Disney racing game), etc... but Wyatt has educational games, some built around the Montessori method (a company called Montessorium,) and 2 apps, 1 that I reviewed earlier on, by Kiboomu. (Teaches piano noties)

This was a great article, and I am glad to know I am not the only mom with an iPhone that resorts to bribes for games to get out the door for preschool! Luckily, he knows he is not allowed to bring it to school!! (actually, they are not allowed to bring ANYTHING from home to school except special days)

I now need to go share that article with a few other iPhone parents, who I usually get my app recommendations from!

Here are screen shots of Wyatt's 2 pages of apps!

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