October 16, 2010

Goodbye Mrs. Cleaver!

Posted by Becka
I just found out that Barbara Billingsly, the woman who played the mother on Leave It To Beaver, passed away at age 94 today. I loved watching re runs of that show, usually played on Nick at Night (or was it TV Land lol) Either way, it got me thinking.

Shows like Leave It To Beaver, Dennis The Menace, even Full House and Punky Brewester, would never make it in today's TV world. I can bet that the first show would not even get enough ratings to air it all the way through! (Probably an exaggeration, but then again...)

What happened to the nice family shows, where there was no violence, no kids running away from home with their boyfriends, no teen pregnancies, etc... that you would not be afraid to let your kids watch with you? It is bad enough my 11 year old likes Ice Road Truckers and Pawn Stars...2 shows he is not allowed to have his siblings in the room with him when watching!

I wonder what Mrs. Billingsly, in the 47 years after the end of Leave It To Beaver, thought about the changing role in TV. Heck, back then, the MARRIED couple was not even allowed to sleep in the same bed! (If I remember correctly, The Brady Bunch was the first couple to do so on TV...if I am wrong, please let me know what one it was!)

I am sure she was shocked to see what came of the world of TV from 1957 (the start of the show) to now. NOT what it was like when SHE started THAT is for sure!

So on that note, what are some of your favorite shows, either back then, as a child, or now, that are geared towards families?

I think I had too many lol.

Leave It To Beaver
Who's The Boss
Dennis The Menace
Mary Tyler Moore
Golden Girls
I Love Lucy
Dick VanDyke Show
Brady Bunch
Punky Brewester
Silver Spoons
Full House
Facts Of Life

And that is just a few! I loved these shows, and if I ever catch them, I am glued to the TV. In fact, on Labor Day Weekend, there was a Who's The Boss marathon!!! I was thrilled! (and um, my 11 year old asked if that was Phoebe....)

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