October 21, 2010

Annie’s 10 Tips for Improving Parent-Teen Relationships

Posted by Becka
By Annie Fox, MEd

I loved this! A lot like my toddler tips!

Parents of teens have one of the roughest jobs around. The dynamic between you and your son/daughter is changing so quickly that it’s challenging to stay focused on your job description. You knew very well what the job entailed when the kids were younger, but now, it’s not always such a clear call. There’s no single golden rulebook for parenting (though I’ve got lots of great books to recommend), but keeping these 10 tips in mind will go a long way in helping you stay centered. And that’s exactly where you have to be to be an effective parent and role model for your adolescent kids.
  1. Remember that you are the parent — Your job is to protect your child and prepare him/her to become a fully functioning adult. Being a leader and a compassionate teacher is more important than being your teen’s friend.
  2. Remain calm — Nothing gets resolved when stress makes it impossible to think clearly. Can’t respond rationally? Then take a break until you can.
  3. Talk less and listen more — Just like the rest of us, teens want to be respected and heard. Be a "safe" and available person to talk to.
  4. It’s a balancing act — A key challenge in parenting teens is to remain emotionally connected while granting your kids more privacy and autonomy.
  5. They’re always watching – Want your teen to be trustworthy, responsible, and compassionate? Make sure you're modeling those values in your own life.
  6. Make your expectations clear and be consistent with your follow-through — If kids know the consequences ahead of time and they’ve bought into the rules of the house, they're more likely to make healthy choices.
Check out the rest on her SITE!

I also just won a book from her, about teens and bullying. I can't wait to get it!! 

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