November 5, 2010

Seriously, people!?!

Posted by Becka
So, I read THIS article on Twitter, then Facebook, and finally on a moms site I am on. The mom blogs about dressing her son in what HE wanted to be for Halloween...Daphne from Scooby Doo! I, personally think he looks ADORABLE and now I am secretly hoping my 3 year old wants to do that next year...because he would make a pretty girl lol. (Heck the whole time he was in the hospital this week, people kept calling him a she!)

But the reactions of the "moms" at her son's preschool appall me! Some of the things I have seen are:

My husband would never allow it (to that, I ask, what issues does your husband have, that make him feel threatened by his PRESCHOOL son dressing as a girl?)

I would try to persuade him to wear something else (fine, but when he is in college and his friends go dressed as Rocky Horror, he wont want to tell you!)

Wont he turn gay? (ha, funny, I have heard this about breastfeeding! Why are we SO scared of our kids turning gay? If my son was, at least I wouldn't have to worry about him getting anyone pregnant lol)

Those are my top 3 lol. Seriously folks, in a world where we try to teach our kids to accept people for who there are, there sure is a lot of contradiction in a lot of things!

Honestly, I am really scared for the children of these...parents...if these children ever try to come to their parents with the "mom, dad, I think I'm gay" revelation. I am sure that they will be accepted...not...

They can come to me lol. I will love my kids for who they are no matter what! too bad there are some parents in the world who have only conditional love for their kids.

So, to the mom who wrote the original blog, I commend you, and all moms like you...and tell those other moms where to stick it! You have the cutest Daphne I have EVER seen!!!!

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