November 10, 2010

Dear amazon, this is NOT a Freedom of Speech issue!

Posted by Becka
As of this morning, this book is no longer on the site! But that does not mean that they wont try it again once this all cools off! 

So, I WAS going to write another glowing post about baby sign language, and the growing number of instructors Wee Hands has gotten since I first joined.

But then, on my moms group (I don't want to mention the name, because of the nature of the post, and not wanting them dragged in to it lol) someone posted THIS BOOK. WAIT don't click on that yet! The title of the book??? The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure. Yes , you read that right! For under $5 you can have it delivered right to your Kindle.

I have one word for this! DISGUSTING! This is WAY beyond a freedom of speech issue. In fact, it is even against their OWN guidelines!

"Titles sold through the Digital Text Platform Program must adhere to all applicable laws. Some Titles that may not be sold include any Titles which may lead to the production of an illegal item or illegal activity."

So why in the world would, a renowned source of books, music, toys, etc... used by BILLIONS of people, even let this book through?!?! Would they be held accountable, if someone claimed to have used this book to do harm to another person? Would they take any responsibility whatsoever if there was a death, rape, child endangerment issue, etc... or would they just blow it off and say it was the consumers fault? Last I knew, you can be an accessory to a crime, if you helped someone commit it in any way, shape or form.

I am just SO disgusted by Amazon selling this book! I now wont even download the FREE album I was going to. There are about 30 pages of negative reviews for this book and, according to some for the reviews, Amazon is deleting some of them!  They may be a big time company, but they wont be very much when their customers all go somewhere else! That is almost 300 commenters, and counting (more each time I load the page). That 300, which I am sure are not all in one place, can easily reach 3000, then 3 million...and beyond!

Not too smart Amazon. What else would we find that you are promoting (which is basically what they are doing when letting this book be sold) that would constitute promoting illegal activity?!

Ok, now, go to the link above and comment away! Get this book off Amazon! Every parent, aunt, uncle, and anyone who love children should be outraged at this book!

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