March 2, 2010

Ok time to stop the accidents!

Posted by Becka
Everyone who knows me, knows I love my kids...really! But for the past couple weeks, my 7 year old daughter has been going through almost all her underwear and jeans within 4 days! She has been having accident after accident. I know, sometimes their bladders need to catch up with the rest of them, and she is always busy, and sometimes does not want to stop what she is doing. But I am sick of doing laundry!!! And really, she is almost in 2nd grade...I just want her to start growing up a little more, and no0t be made fun of by the other kids. I do not believe that a 7 year old should be having ANY accidents, let alone multiple times a day...especially when she was not doing this up until a few weeks ago.

Now, nothing new has happened in the last few weeks. It has been quite some time since we moved back to the area, she has a lot of seen by the multitude of children that attended her recent birthday party! So I have NO clue why she is doing this or how to stop it!! We have tried encouragement, penalties, rewards, taking things away, and everything else we can try (all positive, we do not do belittling or embarrassing here, so please, do not even suggest it!)

Well, off to find out more and also remind her how all these accidents keep making her sick! We are due to get bloodwork on her in a week!

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