March 16, 2010

Find spoon, will dig!

Posted by Becka
Today Wyatt was learning about the outside. At school his teacher gave them buckets and they scooped rocks and dumped them, looked at the budding trees and talked about the colors they saw (mostly brown!)
He had fun looking at all the trees, and their changing branches/budding leaves, as well as talking about what will be happening in a few weeks/months.

When we got home, we went right out side, where he explored on his Little Tykes, and then found a spoon to dig with in the dirt. He decided to transfer (another thing that is popular in Montessori) the dirt from the fence to the side of the garage. I did not get as many pictures as I wanted, since I had to keep an eye on Evan, so maybe if Evan takes a nap tomorrow after school, I can get more pictures!

Here is a picture I took of a budding tree at his school

Wyatt waving and saying bye to the truck that was at the end of the street! He thought this was pretty neat to see. 

My big guy going all the way to the end by himself! 

Here he is, digging in the dirt! I should have gotten a video of this one, it was really cute. 

And here is Evan, enjoying the outside, and mama telling him all about the birds, trees, noises he hears, and more!

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