March 15, 2010

He LOVES bringing his Montessori work home!

Posted by Becka
So today, all the kids in Wyatt's class were out. So Wy was the only one!!!! It must have been nice to get that one on one attention. His teacher said he did a lot of great work today, and really concentrated on all their lessons. He also talked to daddy on the phone when we got home, and told daddy "I really like school daddy!!! I had fun today!" That to me says a lot about his teacher, as well as the school!!

So when I went to pick him up, his teacher showed me how they worked in the sand tray. She write in the sand a "W" and asked him to do it too, after she "erased" hers. And he did!!

And so when we got home, I took a bread pan and some pastene pasta (no sand yet!) and let him play around. 

See if you can tell what letters these are :) 

He was really enjoying himself

Then I decided to try transferring...but his little brother got too interested. 

We will have to do this when baby boy is asleep!

Here are some shots of his other Montessori work. He is doing SO well!

Can I say I am glad I chose THIS school over all the others I looked at (Montessori and non). :)

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