March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks day and more...

Posted by Becka
Happy St. Patrick's day!!! 

I really like Google's picture today 
Happy St. Patrick's Day

So today, the day for the Irish to celebrate, is my 100% Italian grandfather's 80th birthday! I always pick on him for this, though it is not his fault lol. It is still funny! I wonder what my Nana said when he was born on this day...I should have asked her! (I sure do miss her, but she lived a long life, 92 years!!!) They are going out to dinner...if I was not 2 hours away, I would join them :) Now that we are back in NY, I get the itch to go visit, but dislike traveling in the winter...even if it IS 63 outside :)

Here is a picture of my grandfather and 3 of the kids, the last time we were in Syracuse:

He sure does LOVE having those kids around! 

Wyatt also had a St. Partick's day party today at school, but bad mama, I forgot to take pictures :( I am hoping, though, that he forgets about the cupcake he brought home ;) His teacher bought green food dye and made green milk!!!! She was going to get Shamrock Shakes, but decided against it...thankfully!!!! 

Today was also Michele's parent teacher conference. I had some time, so I went into the book fair and got them a couple more books. I spoil them! Her teacher said that she is where she needs to June!!! She is way above her level in reading, and does better then most of her class in spelling. She is also advanced in math, but has a little trouble with money and what comes next (ie for -5 23 ( ) 13 etc...) but she is improving. Her teacher also said she is a very quiet child...really?! MY daughter?! Michele?! Are we talking about the same kid here lol. Ok so she is a great kid...but no where NEAR quiet at home!!! She does give answers when asked, and as her teacher said, a very smart and sweet little girl. Her teacher was also very surprised at how well she transitioned into the new school/classroom. That is par for the course, Michele has always been very adaptable. Nick too. I am hoping it is genetic, and the boys also fare well with transitioning and adapting into new situations. 

I took Evan to the doctor today as well. We are very concerned that he has not been sleeping well in about 3 or 4 months. Luckily, there is nothing physically wrong with him, but she did tell me to call Early Intervention, just to make sure! Now, to figure out a way to make him sleep more then 2 hours a night!!!! It is really taking its toll on both of us! 

Of course, when we got home, Wyatt played outside. I got his bike for him, since he is way too big for Tyke now. Of course, my no fear kid decided to go up the street a little way, and coast down, causing him to fall off his bike. Luckily he was not very hurt, but made mama quite scared! He decided it would be better to go play inside at that moment. 

I am also waiting on Nick's new phone...but debating of whether or not to tell him about it, until I have it set up the way I want it to be. 

Ok here are some random pictures from today! 

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