March 23, 2010

Healthcare Reform...

Posted by Becka
So I am trying to figure out a lot of why people are scared of the new health care reform bill. From what I saw on this post, we will not be paying much more a week then we are now, and those in the lower income brackets will be paying even less...and those who can not afford it will have assistance.
Are they scared that poorer people may now become healthy, be able to work, and take the rich's money away? Are they afraid that the children that were not able to be covered then, but will be now, will take quality healthcare away from their own children? Are the rich people scared they will not have enough money to go on weekly vacations to DisneyWorld or to Peter Island (where is costs upwards of $4000 a night to stay there)??

I really am trying hard to figure out the objections...besides the obvious...those opposed to Obama will be against him no matter WHAT he does...even something as normal as saying what team he thinks will win on a certain sport...apparently that was also an issue...I never thought becoming president meant you can't still have a favorite team. If so, then count ME out!

I know of one family in North Carolina who could not get coverage for their THREE year old child, even though he has been perfectly healthy for almost 2 years, because of a pre-existing condition. A CHILD could not get insurance?! I know this word is not allowed in my house, but that is plain STUPID! Thanks to this new reform, this family's child can now get the coverage he needs. A little too late, if you ask me, since his parents already had to sell their house and move in with parents in order to afford the basic needs, after their child's medical care!

I do not care how many people I may tick off, but to me, if even ONE (or two, I actually know a few) child(ren) can get medical coverage they need and deserve, then the rest I can put up with!

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