March 10, 2010

Talk about a power trip!!

Posted by Becka
So my awesome friend Brittany over at Suburban Rebel Mom had her youngest son at home in June. (3 days before my youngest!) She needed to get him a social security card...simple, right?!

WRONG! While there, there was apparently a security guard there who thought he was ruler of all things social security! He started by kicking a family out of the building because their ONE year old was happily squealing away...not having a tantrum, but being a happy little toddler.

At first, the guard seemed to think it was my friends child that was "causing a ruckus" but after throwing out the other family...apologized to my friend. (insert rolling eyes here) But promptly told my friend that if her children made any noise, she would be escorted off the property, not allowed to return.

So, after a few words were exchanged, and after the guard somehow got the person behind the counter to skip her number...she left. It is awful that her children had to see this at all!

So, of course, she called everyone she could and told them the situation. One person said they would escort her into the building. It seemed all fine and dandy...until she went in today!

The investigator showed her a written statement from an employee (probably the one that skipped her number) stating that she was racist, yelling racist remarks, and teaching her child them as well!!!

REALLY?? Dod this person not have anything better to do? WHY ON EARTH would someone stoop SO low as to accuse someone, especially someone who who SO NOT racist, of doing this?!

Obviously my friend, and everyone who has been following this, are floored to hear this! This person was obviously mislead to believe that one does not need to account for their own actions in life!!!!

I am really upset that my friend is going through this, so HAD to blog about it! (It IS a rambling blog, after all!)

I hope that nothing but positive comes of this for her, and that she sets a precedence for other parents who may bring their children into that office!

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