February 3, 2011


Posted by Becka
This is Carl...

He is the kids Betta that they got back in September. I am quite impressed, as they usually kill a fish within days! But he has been with us for 5 months now. (The longest pet we had was Murray the Wonder Hamster, who lived 4 years, and died shortly after we moved to NC...whoever lives in our old house in Morrisville has a friend in the backyard lol) 

The thing about Carl is, either he has big parties when we are not looking, or he is the dirtiest fish EVER! 

This pic was taken just a while before I posted this, after I cleaned his tank. The last time I cleaned it was Monday (?) yet, you could not ever see through the thing this morning! Sometimes he goes a week with a clean tank, sometimes a day or so. 

I am surprised he has not died in his own filth yet! How can ONE fish be SO dirty lol. 

On the bright side, he is happy that we brought home a dog, and NOT a cat! 

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