February 8, 2011

As of February 28...

Posted by Becka
I will be a working mom again! I am excited, nervous, and scared all at once :) Wyatt will be attending the day care in the preschool room, and he is VERY excited to go back to school. Hopefully, though, I can get him on the waiting list for our public preschool. THAT would be AWESOME!

I was excited for Evan to meet new kids, but my friend is begging to watch him for a playmate for her son, who is 4 months older :) So we will see...she IS asking $100 LESS then the tuition for Evan lol. I might do that, until Wyatt is in preschool again. And, of course, he starts kindergarten in 2012! (Scary thought!)

I am just ecstatic! I will be lead toddler teacher...the last position I held in my last day care center.

The cool thing about it is, when it is warm, I could actually WALK to work! I did that at my last day care as well, until I was about 6 months along. :) Then it started getting cold! (Michele was born in February :) )

The older 2 will either go to the after school program until June, or to a friends house 2 houses down from us. Sill have not decided on that one yet. It is pretty inexpensive for that, so we shall see. I am hoping they have a summer camp for school agers!

Now I have to change my signature!!! :)

Stay at home, business owning mom of 4 young kids, Nick the Sportsman, Michele the Princess, Wyatt the Wild One, and Evan the Baby.Bachelor in Early Childhood Development and Education, with 20 years experience. I could not ask for anything more!

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