October 13, 2015

Life Changes: Forward

Posted by Becka

My twin sister and I were born in 1425. When we were five years old, something horrible happened. Something that changed us both. One for the good, and one for the worse. I never gave up looking for my sister. I always wondered if she looked for me. We lived worlds apart yet, at times we were right in each other’s backyards without ever knowing. I always wanted to tell my story, and hers, as much as I could. I was encouraged by a very good friend to so this. I never thought our story would be told and I am glad I did. I just wish the beginning was happier than it was, but it ends up pretty good. There is love, loss, fear, heartache and happiness in here. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I hope my story continues for a very long time to come. My name is Eliza Marie Petrakova. This is the year 2018. And this is the short story of my long life.

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