October 14, 2015

For The Love Of Bajen!

Posted by Becka

People, usually from Sweden, ask me why I love Hammarby so much. Well, I have always loved soccer. Watched it, played it, my kids played it, my daughter still wants to play...and I have coached it. I love some US teams: LA Galaxy, D.C. United and, because I am a good, supportive friend, Sporting Kansas City. I also cheer on Arsenal. Seems 2 of my teams have something in common...can you figure which ones and what?

I came to watch/listen to my first Hammarby game about 3 years ago, or there about. It was then that I fell in love with the boys in green. They, like my other teams, always work as one unit, they are a family. They are just an amazing team in every way. When they made their Premier League in 2014, I cheered, I cried and I was ecstatic that all their hard work finally paid off, after so many years out of the league.

And now they will be right where they belong next season as well. It's great to see them get what they deserve!

About a year ago, I created the page Hammarby Fans...a page for all to come and talk all things Hammarby. Though, currently, there isn't much talking. I am hoping the page will gain popularity over time.

In 5 days, Hammarby takes on Helsingborgs IF. One of 3 remaining games. As we say in the world of Hammarby... FORZA BAJEN! Good luck guys, I know you will do great things!


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