October 14, 2015

Top 10 Must Read Vampire Romance Series. Ever.

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Top 10 Must Read Vampire Romance Series. Ever.

Original Source: Love Vampire Novels 

We all love paranormal novels – especially those that come in series! The more to read, the better after all. Especially when it comes to steamy, immersing vampire romance!
We asked our fans to give us their top picks when it comes to fanged romance. Here are the results! Some of these may just surprise you.  #7 really blew our minds.
Fun, super-romantic, with twists of danger and great humor.  In a few words: Pure vampire and shifter candy!
Vampires and shifters work side by side to protect Roman Draganesti, a vampire super genius who has spent his time dedicated to making the other vampires happy without having to drink blood directly from humans.  There are many great scenes where “in the closet” vampires fall for humans.  A fantastic series to read.
Eric.  Nuff said.  He goes from Southern sweet to bad-ass hungry vampire, and is always sexy along the way.  TV’s True Blood is based on this amazing series.
The story is told from the perspective of Sookie Sackhouse, a waitress and telepath living in Bon Temps, Louisiana.  In the book’s universe, the public is well aware of vampires and has been for a few years.  As the story unfolds, more and more supernatural creatures pop into the public eye.  The mega-hot romance between Sookie and Eric is fantastic.  This is a must read series for anyone who loves the genre.
Very romantic.  Very funny.  Very manly.  This series is packed with page turners and contains well over twenty books!
In A Quick Bite, humans are turned into vampires via nano-technology from the time of Atlantis.  While Turning gives vampires the ability to heal quickly and live for hundreds of years, it does so at the cost of needing blood to survive.  The romance stems from the fact that vamps are only allowed to turn one person – their mate.  Finding this perfect love can take decades, sometimes centuries.  You’ll love the romance, the humor and especially the reveal as the lucky ladies finally discover the truth about these mysterious men!
An exhilarating thriller, this series of six books takes place in a small town in Massachusetts. Action, suspense, and intoxicating romance make this books difficult to put down!
Nikki Gilmore’s 20th birthday is a bit of an event: Not only does she discover that the attractive town recluse, Saul Benton, is a thousand-year-old vampire, but she gets sucked into his other-worldy drama! As the relationship between her and Saul progresses, Nikki finds herself in the middle of an age old battle between vampires, vampire-shifters, and immortals.
Mysteries, plot twists, steamy scenes and larger than life battles makes this series stand out from your typical vampire romances. A page turner, this series came highly recommended from our readers.
The tiny hard-ass known as Anita Blake is loved and lusted after by only the sexiest of the paranormals. On top of being super-tough, Anita has the power to control the dead.  Caught in a dangerous love triangle between Jean-Claude (a vampire) and Richard (a werewolf), Anita and her beaus try to make their strange relationship work.
Sometimes it does… and sometimes it definitely doesn’t. LOTS of love/sex.  Very hot.  Oh yes.  This is very hot.
On the evening of Sofia Claremont’s seventeenth birthday, she is sucked into a nightmare from which she cannot wake.
A quiet evening walk along a beach brings her face to face with a dangerous pale creature that craves much more than her blood. Sofia is kidnapped and taken to an island where the sun is eternally forbidden to shine. An island uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet. She wakes there as a slave, a captive in chains.
The entire, award winning series is told from different perspectives and as of this minute contains 17 books with more on the way soon!
Now a very popular movie, the novels nonetheless describe the world of Vampire Academy better and take the story much further than the live adaptation (don’t they always?). In this world we see a large society of vampires protected by beings that are half-human, half vampires.  The Academy is where the society’s young go to grow in their respective roles.  The entire series is packed with action and (as you might expect) some solid romantic angst along with pretty risqué situations for being technically YA.  Between the nonstop attacks from “True” vampires who want to take over and ever expanding love interests, this series is a major page turner from start to finish.  This series contains six books.
Midnight Breed features a group of hot male vampire warriors who protect their species as well as all us humans from pure evil. Lots of alpha-infused testosterone gives the story a nice “brotherly” feel as the vampires try as hard as they can to resist any real romance.  But as all great vampire males need a mate, each character is inevitably drawn to “specially marked,” gifted human females who are reserved just for the Breed.
As you might guess, these women have absolutely no clue how special they are and that tends to lead to some hot ‘n steamy trouble 😉
What do government cover-ups, half-human half-vampire hybrids, vampire wars, ghosts, zombies and fantastic non-stop action have in common?  A freaking great series, that’s what!  Cat, the half Human half Vamp, really hates vampires and spends quite a bit of time killing them.  Then she meets this super-hot guy named Bones who rocks her world on what vampires really are.  The series is chock-full of humor, heartbreak, steamy fun-times and a great deal of truly great back-and-forth between the main characters. You don’t want to miss this one.
Currently, there are seven books in the Night Huntress series as well as a twelve book collection based in the universe.  AKA spinnoffs.
Shocking 😉 This series is hands-down the favorite obsession of every fan we spoke to.  BDB is a series almost everyone reads over and over and over.  It’s about Warrior vampires protecting us humans from an evil race of soul-less ex-humans.  Each Brother has a unique backstory and personal demons to take care of, which makes the stories that much better.  Currently there are thirteen books in the series, with a fourteenth on the way.  While that sounds like a lot, beware… once you start reading, you’ll end up ripping through them pretty fast.


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