March 18, 2014

Something Fun Happens In The Morning At The Disney Store

Posted by Becka
Evan and I decided to take a walk, do some shopping and have breakfast at Fashion Show Mall last week.

As we walked around a few minutes before the mall opened, we walked by the Disney Store. As we walked by, a Cast Member caught us and asked if Evan would like to help unlock the store before it opened.

Being a Disney fanatic and former Cast Member, I could not let this opportunity pass us up!!

First they welcomed TinkerBell into the store to turn the lights on...

Then Evan got to sprinkle Pixie Dust on the giant key that opens the store and help turn then key...

The store was now open as the ropes fell...

After the store was successfully unlocked and TinkerBell flew back to DisneyLand, Evan got his very own key to take home with him...

He enjoyed helping to open the store and get his own key. We even bought a pair of Jake and the Neverland Pirates sunglasses as a treat :)

This is why I LOVE Disney....there is always something Magical happening around every corner! 


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