March 26, 2014

What happens when fans go to far?

Posted by Becka
*UPDATE* 3/27 Tiffany is falsely claiming that she received death threats from Beasties. Sadly only her cyber bully ways are showing through and we can all see right through her. Good luck Ms. Vogt. So sorry about the almost 1000 lost followers... 

I usually could care less what happens in most social media. But recently someone that is near and dear to my heart was attacked for no other reason than a personal vendetta against him. So here is my two cents on the issue! 

This was asked recently in an all out bashing article against the Beauty And The Beast Fandom, after Tiffany Vogt of TV Watchtower (@TVWatchtower on Twitter) wrote THIS article on The TV Addict recently. She calls her self a reporter but to me she looks like an unprofessional arrogant woman with 

This happened when the promoters for the show Star Crossed decided that Monday's, a usual day for Beauty And The Beast Fans to be on Twitter most of the day, could only be used for THEIR show. 

Not only did Tiffany decide this was their  night, she flat out bashed one of the actors of Beauty And The Beast by saying he  "encouraged these destructive Twitter trending campaigns and flamed the passions of the Beasties into waging war against STAR-CROSSED"   

Which he did nothing of the sort. In fact, he is the biggest advocate for peace between the "fandoms" on Twitter and elsewhere. 

Funny thing is, neither last season or before this, had the "Beasties" ever had an issue with trending during a hiatus. 

So this is what happens when people are given the power of journalism and use their personal vendetta's against other people in the entertainment industry. It is more like she got her shovel in the sandbox taken away and now she is pouting and whining. 

There are several quotes in this unprofessional article that make it apparent that she only has the well being of Star Crossed in mind and not the fact that "Beasties" are doing what the always do at the same time every week. She also arranged a Twitter Trending Campaign to over shadow the one Beauty And The Beast had already planned. 

Well, thank God and the Constitution for Freedom of Speech right? Makes it ok to call others out on their absurdity and tantrums. My 4 year old is more mature than this unprofessional journalist...and I use the term loosely. 

I just hope this does not make Star Crossed look bad and lose it's ratings before it even has a chance to thrive. How horrible would that be? 

And don't try to comment on the article...she will surely delete it. Plus, she gets paid for clicks. We don't want to encourage that behavior now, do we?

I wonder if she is also attacking other Monday night shows? 


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