March 15, 2014

50 Fun Books To Sign To!

Posted by Becka
We all know the benefits of signing with your baby and how it can enhance verbal communication, but did you know that signing AND reading will enhance early reading skills!
Here is a list of books that are easy to hold while holding your baby and reading/signing to them!

50 Top Books for Easy Signing
1. Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs- Sandra Boynton (opposites)
2. Going to Bed Book- Sandra Boynton (Bed Time)
3. Red Hat, Green Hat- Sandra Boynton (Colors/Clothes)
4. Curious George, Are You Curious- H.A. Rey (Emotions)
5. Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?- Eric Carle (Animals)
6. Brown Bear, Brown Bear- Eric Carle/Bill Martin (Animals)
7. The Very Busy Spider- Eric Carle (Small Insects)
8. From Head to Toe- Eric Carle (Body Parts)
9. Going on a Bear Hunt- Helen Oxanbury (Bedtime)
10. Go Dog Go- P.D. Eastman (Board Book Best)
11. Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed- Eileen Christelow (Bedtime)
12. Lunch- Denise Fleming (Foods)
13. Very Hungry Caterpillar- Eric Carle (Foods)
14. The Very Lazy Ladybug- Isoben Finn/Jack Tickle (Animals)
15. I Love You Stinky Face- Lisa Court (My Family)
16. Grandparents are the Greatest because…-Adele Aron Greenspan (Family)
17. Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make my Day- Jamie Lee Curtis (Emotions)
18. Me and My Senses- Joan Sweeney (Emotions)
19. My Many Colored Days- Dr. Seuss (Colors, Animals and Feelings)
20. Good Morning- Summer Durantz (Clothing and Morning Activities)
21. Excuse Me! A Little Book of Manners- Karen Katz (Manners)
22. No Biting!- Karen Katz (Manners)
23. Trucks Whizz! Zoom! Rumble!- Patricia Hubbell (Transportation)
24. Winnie the Pooh’s A to Zzzz- Don Ferguson (Manual Alphabet)
25. Bear Wants More- Karma Wilson (Animals)
26. Good Night Moon- Margaret Wise Brown (Bedtime)
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27. Hug- Jez Alborough (Animals/Love/Family) Easy to Sign
28. My Name is Blue- Blues Clues (Starting to Read)
29. Baby Sign Language Basics- Monta Briant (Baby Sign Language)
30. I See My Mom…I See My Dad- Pierre Pratt (Family)
31. I Can Roar Like a Lion- Frauk Asch (Animal Signs)
32. Let’s Play-Leo Lionni (Play Time)
33. Nicky and Grandpa- Cathryn Falwell (Family)
34. PJ’s New Potty- Cathryn Falwell (Toilet Training)
35. Buzz Buzz Snap Snap- Rick Cowley (Animals)
36. Tumbling Leaves- Bill Graves (Weather)
37. More, More, More said the Baby- Vera B. Williams (Family)
38. Are You My Mother- Phillip D. Eastman (Relationship)
39. I Went Walking- Sue Williams (Relationships)
40. What Do You Do With A Grumpy Kangaroo- Jane Beek Moncure (Animals/Emotions)
41. Bear’s Busy Family- Stella Blackstone (Family)
42. Walking Through the Jungle- Julie Lacome (Animals)
43. Goodnight Gorilla- Peggy Rathman (Animals)
44. The Little Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly- Simms Taback (Animals)
45. Today is Monday- Eric Carle (Days of the Week)
46. Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms- Christine Kole MacLaeve (Family and Relations)
47. King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub- Audry Wood (Bathtime)
48. Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep- Joyce Dunbar (Great Bedtime Story)
49. Wemberley Worried- Kevin Henkes (Emotions/Friends)
50. Miss Bindergarten Stays Home From Kindergarten- Joesph Slater (School and Days of the Week)

If you know of more, please comment!


Wendy said...

What a great list! My kids are bigger, but I have a cousin having a baby and I think she plans on signing with him. I'm going to share with her. Thanks so much!

Wendy@ the antibullymom

A Mom In Vegas said...

I have had this list for a while :) I teach Signing Time. I love when I see people signing with their babies!! It makes me happy :)

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