January 10, 2011

AT&T Brand Ambassador : they redeemed themselves!

Posted by Becka
So, apparently, the guy that I was emailing with has not been with them for about 2-3 weeks! Explains the lack of communication.

So, finally, I got the phone exchanged, and the new contact info for the program.

Though, I am still trying to figure out the other part...I was supposed to get a SIM card with the phone and a year of service. Not too concerned about it, since I would have to use a different number, or carry 2 phones, for a year...too much of a pain.

But for the minutes used since December 13, as well as APPS, data, etc... it would be nice to be compensated.

But since I can now use the phone AS a phone...I am feeling a little better about the program! Though, because I am IN LOVE with this phone, I think I will stick to the rewards programs, and not another phone review!! (Unless it is another Windows phone like this one!)

And now...my son has a permanent iPhone...which is usually being playing with by the 3 year old and usually dead because, well, he really doesn't USE it! Weird kid!

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Dawn @ Life Unscripted said...

Glad they redeemed themselves. Figures you'd get the one person that is no longer with the company! LOL

So, you will have to share the new contact info with me! :)

Ramblings Of A Stay At Home Mom said...

LOL will do!

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