January 10, 2011

AT&T Brand Ambassador : they redeemed themselves!

Posted by Becka
So, apparently, the guy that I was emailing with has not been with them for about 2-3 weeks! Explains the lack of communication.

So, finally, I got the phone exchanged, and the new contact info for the program.

Though, I am still trying to figure out the other part...I was supposed to get a SIM card with the phone and a year of service. Not too concerned about it, since I would have to use a different number, or carry 2 phones, for a year...too much of a pain.

But for the minutes used since December 13, as well as APPS, data, etc... it would be nice to be compensated.

But since I can now use the phone AS a phone...I am feeling a little better about the program! Though, because I am IN LOVE with this phone, I think I will stick to the rewards programs, and not another phone review!! (Unless it is another Windows phone like this one!)

And now...my son has a permanent iPhone...which is usually being playing with by the 3 year old and usually dead because, well, he really doesn't USE it! Weird kid!

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