January 24, 2011

My baby is growing up too fast!!

Posted by Becka

I can not believe that Evan is already 19 months old! he is such a sweetheart, and is always keeping me busy!!! I was hoping, being my last baby, that he would stay little for a lot longer...guess not :(

He loves playing with Wyatt all day, he loves bringing books to me, and loves when we sign and sing. He plays in the playroom alone, which is more then Wyatt did lol. Though, Evan DOES seem to be the only one that needs a lot of attention...the other 3 were never like that! It's ok, he is my little baby!!

I was trying to compile all the words and phrases (both signed and spoken) he has, but apparently, unlike the other 3, I am slacking there! I guess once I figure it out, I need to update his page on my site :)

Here is what I have up to now:

Evan 19 Months Old:

Spoken Words (85)
Hi, bye, dog, no, cat, sit, sleep, Nick, Chele (Michele), Wy (Wyatt), dada, mama, Chip (dog), kiss, bed, baba, cup, change, car, eat, more, thank, you, toy, milk, juice, welcome, up, play, down, go, out, yum, mine, show, me, key, hat, coat, banky (blanket), walk, cold, hot, wet, chair (high chair), love, shoes, truck, boat, sign, sing, there, tub (means bath), now, ouch, hurt, boo, poop (I know you all wanted to know that one!), TV, bowl, spoon, fork, tray (high chair tray), shirt, phone, talk, plane, what, ball, OK, yea, yes, OH, case (likes to play with the game case, he's easily enertained), tool (thanks Handy Manny and Mickey!), bink (binky), crib, foot, hand, eye, ear, mouth, toe, fish

Signed Words (More then listed here, will add when I remember!! He is talking more then signing now)
more, please, hat, coat, dog, mama, dada, eat, cold, phone, hot, dirty, help, hurt, cat, socks, juice, car, milk, up, down, yum, change, time, diaper, wet, what, ball, cereal, boat, music, sing, sign, dance, jump, gentle, show me, key, I love you, shoe, play,  boat, bath, want, plane, today, now (these 2 are similar), medicine, fish

Spoken Phrases
Thank you Mama (dada, Nick, etc...), my baba, more milk please, more juice please, more eat please, welcome, mama (dada) up, mama (dada) down, go out, go car, go bed, hi mama (dada, Nick, etc...), bye mama (dada, Nick, etc...), go up there (means playroom, bed, etc...), mine toy (I love this!!), tub now mama (dada), talk phone, no no mama (dada) (did not think this one would come so soon!!), here go (giving something to us)

Signed Phrases
Mama (dada) hurt (when he gets hurt), mama (dada) more milk please, more please, thank you, eat more yum please, want more cereal please mama, dirty sock (ok he did this as I was typing, because he spilled on his sock!!)

I know there are more...I really need to get on it and write them down when he says them more then once! Bad mama lol He adds more every day!! Can't wait to update in June!! (or before)
Stay at home, business owning mom of 4 young kids, Nick the Sportsman, Michele the Princess, Wyatt the Wild One, and Evan the Baby.Bachelor in Early Childhood Development and Education, with 20 years experience. I could not ask for anything more!

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