April 17, 2010

What a way to end a party!

Posted by Becka
So the blog party has ended for another year. Of course, I could have posted more, if my 3 year old, myself, and my husband did not get sick!

The family that gets sick together, sticks together, right?!

But the good thing is...there is an AFTER PARTY!! That's right, there is an after party for the Ultimate Blog Party...what can I say, I love a good party!

So I am hoping to find some more awesome blogs, kind of like:

This Adventure, Our Life and
Ramblings of a Crazy Momma

Some new blogging mamas I found during the party!

I hope to "meet" more blogging mamas along the way!

Now...to get everyone well again, so I can get back to the important blogging in my life :)

Look for me! I am #131 on THIS page!

Stay at home, business owning mom of 4 young kids, Nick the Sportsman, Michele the Princess, Wyatt the Wild One, and Evan the Baby. Bachelor in Early Childhood Development and Education, with 20 years experience. I could not ask for anything more!

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