April 11, 2010

My favorite iPhone Apps :)

Posted by Becka

Screenshot of the first page of my iPhone :) 

Well let's see...I have almost 100 apps on my phone. But there are a few I use daily!

Facebook, of course -Great for posting a status, checking other people's status, and retrieving email. You can even Chat or post an entry on your wall.
Twitterific -- Standing in line somewhere or waiting in the carpool line and want to stay connected to the Twittersphere? View and post tweets. You can even view someone's User Information.
Foursquare- check in anywhere!
Intuition- great calendar for busy moms
Kinderstats- tale pictures and post vital information about your children, in case they ever get lost
Beejive - utilizes all the major chats, including Facebook, right in one app!
Words With Friends - play scrabble with friends, or random players...this is ADDICTING!
Bejeweled 2 (which connects to Facebook) - get 3 in a row to get the highest score!
Bookworm - another word game, beat the burning tiles!
iPet Pets - raise a pet, and visit other pets!
Tetris - this needs no explanation!
Starbucks Mobile Card - register and view your Starbucks giftcards!
AT&T Family Map - locate up to 5 family members on the AT&T circuit.
TwitPic- take pictures and send them directly to Twitter.

Of course that is just a few, but those are the ones I LOVE and could not live without!!!! Maybe someday I will be able to get a bigger GB iPhone, and trade in my 8GB...but for now, it holds a ton of apps, shows, music and videos!

Leave a comment with your favorite app...on any phone! I know that there are a couple I had on my Blackberry that I miss! What is YOUR favorite!

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