April 12, 2010

So Wyatt has found his new FAVORITE App!!

Posted by Becka
It is called Hershey's Chocolate Milk!! His fav USED to be (and kind of still is a close tie!) the Signing Time app where he can watch ST videos...but thanks to his big brother and sister, it is this...

You start with the plain glass where you get to pour in your desired amount of ice cold milk.  After that you can open the bottle of HERSHEY’S syrup and mix it right into the cup.  Use your spoon to accurately mix it all in so that you have a good concentration of delicious chocolate syrup.  Once you have mixed it all in you can get out your straw and sip a little bit at a time or drink it all at once.  This whole time you will be entertained by the realistic motions, sounds, and objects that emanate from the screen. 

This is quite the fun app! And you never run out of milk or syrup! 

Here he is, enjoying his "milk"...

  • This app allows you to create the perfect glass of chocolate milk and to drink it virtually
  • Pull out the Hershey’s bottle and pour the syrup right into the glass of milk
  • Once you have poured the proper amount of syrup in the milk, pull out the spoon and begin stirring to create the perfect consistency
  • Pull out your trusty straw and take a sip of the milk, or drink it all at once if you are really thirsty
  • You can also use the straw to blow bubbles into your chocolate milk
  • The visual effects are actually very realistic and it will make you want to really drink chocolate milk
  • You can choose what kind of sound you want the app to make when you are done sipping the milk out of the glass

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