April 25, 2010

A challenge

Posted by Becka

OOPS! I accidentally deleted the other one! To the person who lest a comment...please, if you see this...leave it again!!!!! I lost it totally and lost your URL! 

#326!! HELP! :) A challenge and a contest!

# 326 Ramblings Of A Stay At Home Mom 

So I looked at where I was in the Top Baby Blogs site. I was all the way at the bottom about a week ago, and, thanks to my awesome followers and readers, and even those just passing through, I am on the 3rd to last page at the top!!

So all my wonderful readers, I have a challenge and a contest for you! If you, my awesome people, can do one of a few things, I will randomly pick 3 people and give away a prize!

Here is what you have to do, and you have a month to do it, should you choose to accept!!

1. Get me to at least #300 OR get me 10 more followers
2. Post a comment on here telling me what you did, as well as a link back to your blog, so you can be properly thanked
3. Tweet, Facebook, Hoot, whatever, this contest (post in your comment that you did this as well)

I think that is simple enough! 3 people will be chosen to either receive a $10.00 iTunes Email Gift Card, an Amazon Gift Card for $10.00 or a $10.00 Gift Card to the winners choice of where ever they want!

Mentioning which one you would like to win MAY or MAY NOT help in determining your prize, but it doesn't hurt to try...right?!

So go forth and promote...and don't forget to list your link in your comments, so I can promote YOU too!

Stay at home, business owning mom of 4 young kids, Nick the Sportsman, Michele the Princess, Wyatt the Wild One, and Evan the Baby. Bachelor in Early Childhood Development and Education, with 20 years experience. I could not ask for anything more!

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