August 26, 2018

Siggis Icelandic Yogurt

Posted by Becka

A year or so ago (how can I keep track, I love this stuff!), in a search for something different, I found 

Siggis Icelandic Yogurt. Now, I am picky with yogurt. I am not sure why, but I have always been that 

way. So I picked up a few flavors. Vanilla, Raspberry and Blueberry. Thus starting my love affair for 

all things Siggis! 

The texture is perfect, it has active cultures and the flavors, that I have tried, are not too sweet, like 

many other brands. And, with Siggis, you have a multitude of different products to try! 

These yogurts are perfect fo snacks, sides, lunches and more. In fact, my favorite thing to do with 

Siggis Vanilla Yogurt, is to mix it with avocado and bread it on my toast. Not only is it delicious, but 

it keeps me full until dinner time! (which is great, because I usually skip lunch anyway!) 

One could also use them in any recipe, where you want to substitute an ingredient for yogurt. I 

guarantee, it will make whatever you are cooking or baking, taste amazing! 

For those that want 0% fat Yogurt, you have these: 

For a little more, at 2% fat Yogurt: 

Side note: I have yet to try that last one. And, for anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Ligonberry! 

Its the Swede in me! 

For a fuller, 4% fat Yogurt: 

Strawberry Rhubarb is my favorite kind of pie, so I hope to try this soon! 

There is even a 4%, no sugar added: 

Triple cream, which sounds like pure heaven!: 

This one, their Simple Sides, is one I am hoping will be in my local grocer soon. It looks perfect for a 

snack or to bring to work for lunch! And these tubes are perfect for a kids after school snack, or in 

their lunchbox!: 

And this, which I am not sure of, but its Siggis so, of course, I will try it! 

Filmjölk (sour milk) 

I hope to try all these products, as my local grocer only provides a limited amount of Siggis products. 

I also hope, in the future, they open a shop. I saw a Siggis Hoodie (I do love my hoodies!) and asked 

them about it. Sadly, they did not have them (yet), but they were amazingly sweet and sent me a 

beautiful Siggis Tote! (And included CUTE stickers, coupons and a postcard, with a recipe to try! Thank you guys!!) 

So go out, buy some Siggis, I guarantee you will not be disappointed! 

Go to their WEBSITE to find out more! 


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