August 26, 2018

Oatly: Vegan Oat Milk!

Posted by Becka

Picture this, Sweden 2016. Way Out West Music Festival. I walk in and I am handed this little brown 

box. Not knowing that my life will be changed forever! 

Now, I always loved oatmeal and I am one to try almost anything (I will never try Surströmming). 

I fell in love! 

The little brown box from Oatly, was liquid heaven! It is 100% Vegan, which I am not, but I have 

never met a Vegan food or drink I didn't love, delicious, low fat and just all around amazing. 

Based in Sweden, they took years of research and perfection, to come up with the final product. I am 

sure they will say they are working on ways to improve, but unless they make it gold, I am not sure 

how they could possibly do that! (If you want to know more, click the link above to check out their 

quite informational site! 

For 2 years, I was waiting, somewhat patiently, for their product to reach the shores of the US. As 

soon as I was going to just move to Sweden, it shows up in my local Target! (I was happy, but I 

wouldn't have minded moving to Sweden for this!) 

Of course, I had maybe 2 cups, before my children devoured it! So, I am off to buy more! Check out 

their OATFINDER, to locate this yummy goodness near you! 


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